My account says that my order has been shipped. Why have I not received my order?
Your order has been shipped with a tracking code you can track the shipment. Go to the UPS website and enter your tracking code. Here you can see if your order is shipped, when your order is shipped, and whether it may be delivered to the neighbors. If you have not received anything, we ask you to contact us so that we can assist you. 

I have received the wrong / damaged / broken / incomplete article.
If you have received the wrong, broken, damaged or not complete item, you can choose to return the product free of charge. For a quick and correct handling, it is important that you send the items back to us. Please create a RMA. Choose hereby the reason which is applicable (wrong, broken, damaged, incomplete).  We kindly ask you to send the items in the original condition and if possible in the original packaging with a (copy) of your RMA. Click here for more information about our return policy.

How can I quickly find an item?
Our website contains at the top of the bar 'Search products'. Here you can enter a term to search our catalog. This functionality can be found in each product group. Through the menu, you can select a type of cart. You will find various product groups. Each product group is further split into "subgroups". It is also possible to register your cart (s) on the site. In the menu bar, there will be an extra tab, covering all the elements that are appropriate for your selected cart.